Sunday, January 27, 2008


I have long wanted to write something based on my grandmother's (maternal grandmother's) life, as she told it to me. She grew up in St. Louis round the turn of the 20th century. She came from an Irish immigrant family. Her mother died when she was a child - thrown from a streetcar - and she and her two older sisters were farmed out to aunts, as their father was an alcoholic and not able to take care of the girls. My grandmother got the aunt who was, as my grandmother called her, an old harridan. Grams tried running away many times to join her sisters in Chicago, but always got hauled back to Aunt Alice...until she didn't, and made it to Chicago to join her sisters. There she met and married the boy next door, a blacksmith and prize-fighter, my Gramps.

Okay. Good stuff. Lots to base a good story around. I have lots of little Grams-tales to add, too.

But, this takes research. Lots of it.

Now I do love history and that's not the problem, but I keep seeing the "C's" on all my efforts that took research in high school through college. It just wasn't my thing, I guess. I get very impatient with details, you see. I know they are needed, but they frustrate the heck out of me when I'm focused on "the bigger picture."

This may be different, I don't know. I may have "grown up." I also know that once the story is down, lots of the details can be changed and filled out. That's what you do when you write. Slice, dice and edit. I know what that's like. I've done it often enough. I do pay attention to the details there, because it is...well, my passion.

I have something else I've been working on, a fantasy novel. Doesn't mean I couldn't work on them both, does it?

And I did live and work in St. Louis for awhile myself during my former husband's seminary days - across from Forest Park where the 1904 World's Fair took place. I have a sense of St. Louis.

I keep debating with myself - should I or shouldn't I? Would it be a waste of time and another disappointment?


Anonymous said...

That sounds like an awesome idea! I'll be of any help that I can in the research department.

bnavta said...

Oh, you sweetheart! :o) This is right up your alley with your geneology interest, isn't it? I hadn't thought of that. Huh.

I haven't started anything. I've just been scanning through whatever might be available online - circa 1900 stuff and the World's Fair. Found a good website for books about St. Louis. I haven't delved into the geneology, but I know that would help bunches. I imagine I will eventually need to make a little trip down there sometime.

We'll have to talk. :o)

Michelle said...

Talking geology... I've been tagged to post baby/child photos of myself and partner... think we could get to see a baby Bud n Betty? ;-)

bnavta said...

Talking geology?? LOL We Capricorns may be earthy, but...

I have some wee Betty pics, but I don't know about Bud. I'll dig through what I have and see what might be interesting. :o)

Michelle said...

geology? Sheeeesh

ROFLMAO Ummm... can you tell I was tired?

hey, not meaning to imply your family is older than dirt. ;-)