Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wee Betty

Michelle tagged me to post a baby pic of wee Betty. Here she is at 3 years old. Prissy thing, wasn't she?


Michelle said...

Oh my. You were cute, but yep... little Capricorn! :-)

You Cappy folk are supposed to age backwards. Serious little kids who revert to outrageous rebel grandmas... not a bad deal really! ;-)

pssst... I bet the dress scratched!

bnavta said...

Oh, yes. It was the 1950's, ya know. A very scratchy era. Mother's seemed to love to encase their daughters in starch back then. It was kinda like walking around in little cardboard suits.

"You Cappy folk are supposed to age backwards."
Is that so? Must be the same for Virgos, too? I seem to have a plethora of Virgos and Caps in my family.

Dad was a Cap, mom a Virgo. Mom's mom (my dear Grams) was a Virgo. I'm a Cap and Bud's a Cap (so is his daughter). Critter's a Virgo and he married Virgo Hil.

Now former hubby was Cancer and my daughter is Gemini. Poor things. All that serious, practical, perfectionism surrounding them. Perhaps it explains a lot. :o)