Thursday, September 3, 2009

Writing Buddies

Above are my Writing Buddies. That's the usual scene behind me as I sit at my desk here. Only problem comes when, like at the moment, Dusty (the one nearest my pillow) decides it's playtime. This happens maybe once or twice a week. Then he and Brandy (the head's-up one) go tearing through the house chasing and growling at each other. It's very annoying and not conducive to thoughtful structure of devastatingly beautiful prose when they ram into my chair and desk and knock my coffee on the floor. Huh.

Now what is interesting in the above photo is my feline soul partner, Fox, stretched out there between the two black monsters. He and Dusty get on very well, always have. But Fox and Brandy have a mutual fascination with surprising one another into mini-chases through the house. They're like typical siblings who can't seem to keep from torturing one another.

However, they will lay that aside for naps. Ahhh, the Great Schlaf! I am continually grateful for both the canine and feline propensity for napping.

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