Saturday, August 22, 2009


Bud reminded me that I forgot to report something about our Northwoods experience. Shame on me!

Bud had caught one of his biggest Bass and I was taking the picture. I had set my rod down propped against the side of the boat, jig plus worm dangling just slightly at water-line. I was about to press the camera button when Bud stood up, "Your rod!"

I turned around and NO ROD! Bud saw it disappear over the side of the boat! Those Bass are aggressive little buggers and one obviously took advantage of a tasty meal hanging like the proverbial carrot in front of his nose.

My nice, lightweight, Shimano rod was gone! Phooey! Bud's custom crafted for him G. Loomis (no relation) rods just didn't feel right - stiffer, heavier. I was bummed.

We went on fishing. Bud caught more Bass. I moped. (Damn Bass! Grumble...grumble...grumble)

About an hour later as I was sighing and deciding to just get on with it, Betty, this is silly, when Bud says, "Hey! Look what I got!"

My rod!!! He was hauling in my rod, complete with reel, jig...and still wriggling worm! He thought he had a weed or, maybe, a Northern on the other end. But what were the chances that it would be my rod, for Pete's sake??? Geeez!

Bud said we'd used up all our luck for the week right then and there.

However, we did come into Walleye later in the week anyway. But not as many Bass after that. That Bass must have gotten more than he bargained for and spread the word.

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