Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Morning Bumming

Bummer. The used book store is only open 8-5, M-Sat. No evenings, no Sundays. Rats. Phooey, even. And no website either. What are they thinking??? I am utterly bummed.

We did, however, stroll over to Petersen Park and take a gander at the car show they are holding there for Fiesta Days. I didn't see a 1970 Mercury Montego. I keep looking. That muscle car was my dad's baby. He called it his "Isotta Fraschini," his bow to luxury. I remember the ride of that car. It was indeed luxurious - quiet, smooth and the leather interior was sumptuous. We drove to Long Lac, ON, Canada in that car and loved every minute of the ride.

It also had the longest nose believable. Really. People would laugh today and call it ugly, but it wasn't then. Not at all. And who cared with such a ride?

I also keep looking for a 1959 Ford Galaxie, four door - another family car. You see mostly Fairlanes. The Old Goober looks for a 1964. That was his first car. He says he'd buy it on the spot. Hah! What the heck would he do with it, I wonder. Certainly not drive it with gas at $4.25 a gallon. I just enjoy looking and reminiscing - owning is definitely not an option.

So it turned out to be a lovely morning stroll amid automotive memories.

But I'm still bummed about the bookstore. Really. Bummed.


Michelle said...

awww, that sucks about the book store! :-( Do they have a postal address? Maybe you could write them a pleading desperate book-aholic letter asking for one Sunday a month?

bnavta said...

I might send them a note. It just seems such a waste, doesn't it? Why would someone have such a store and not make it more available? Evenings are optimum for things like book groups, writer's groups, speakers, signings, etc.

Unless this is someone who has mucho bucks and does this as a hobby?