Friday, July 11, 2008

I am delightfully Booked!

I've loved books ever since I can remember. I love the smell of them, the weight in my hand, the touch of the cover. Books have always meant excitement, something new, mysteries revealed.

My Aunt Elsie worked at Scott, Foresman Publishing for 48 years. She started out in the typing pool, became secretary to Mr. Scott somewhere down the line, and later became a Special Editor in the Math department. That's how she retired.

Aunt Elsie would bring books to her obnoxious niece often, and each time, whether it was a copy of the newest Dick and Jane, Numbers Are Fun, or 1001 Arabian Nights, I was delighted. I considered myself an extremely lucky kid back then. We lived on the southwest outskirts of Chicago at the time and the closest branch library was quite a few bus rides away into the city. The parents on our block, mine included, didn't think it was worth the money spent on the ride. So, my books got passed around. In fact, I started my own lending library. (Huh, I'd actually forgotten about that until I wrote this!) I pasted little pockets made from index cards on the inside of each book with another index card labeled with book title and author on it tucked inside the pocket. The kids would write their name and date borrowed on the card which I then kept in a green metal file card box on the top of my dresser alongside my prized fantail guppies and mollies swimming about in their 5 gallon fish tank.

I also cajoled and blackmailed the neighborhood kids into taking parts in my "theatrical" productions of fairy tales. I had the complete sets of both the Brothers Grimm and Anderson's fairy tales, don't you know.

Yes, books have been a huge part of my life. Always will be.

And now I have discovered Library Thing! Ooooo...I'm so thrilled. If you love books, have books spilling out of your shelves and onto the floor like I do, and enjoy connecting with other bibliophiles then take a gander.

I've also just discovered that there is a used book store in town (McHenry IL) called Wrinkled Pages. Fiesta Days where McHenry merchants have sidewalk sales starts today. Sunday, I believe, the Old Goober and I will head to town for a look-see.

Oh, the lure, the scent of the printed page!


~~Robin said...

Hi!. I just found your blog on LibraryThing! I live in Aurora, and would make the trip to McHenry for a used bookstore. Thanks for the tip:)

bnavta said...


Welcome! Thanks for dropping by. the other end of the Fox River Valley. :o) It would be a drive, but, hopefully, it might prove productive. It looks like a very interesting store.