Saturday, July 14, 2007

A New Pack

I am amazed, thrilled and overwhelmed. I have for so long felt the Lone Wolf when it came to writing. I never in my wildest imagined there were so many other Lone Wolf writers in the world. Now I've discovered blogging and I've seen a Pack, so broad and diversified, connected through the internet, accessible through the internet, that I am - to use an overused expression that I normally avoid - blown away! Pow! I'm out of my vintage chair with the back slat that needs gluing and falls out if I wiggle wrong, and smack on my back on the floor blinking in wonder, gasping to catch my breath!

There are so many of us!

And not just the beginner with the wisps of a novel pixellating across Word in front of his/her nose in silent, exquisite pain on a ten-year-old monitor. But there are successfully published best seller authors, editors, agents, publishers out there encouraging our joyous addiction!

How did this happen? When did it happen? While I've been scurrying about, trying to juggle a job that doesn't support me with family, studies, and eeking out minutes to spend on my fix, a global Writer's Pack has grown like Topsy just a mouse-click away from me!

Wooo. . . .

I shall have to go have a think and a cup of coffee. My knees are still wobbly.


Sadiq Alam said...

Dear Betty,
great sharing. thanks so much for linking me, and thats how i getto come here.

i know a few friends who are also lone wolf in this world and wait to see my post with keyword "Wolf". i hope to introduce with some other wolves around the globe who might reflect exactly how u feel.


bnavta said...

Sadiq ~

I found you through a link at my friend Michelle's "Crow's Feet." :o)

Thank you for sharing your insights with us, dear Mystic Saint. They have touched me deeply.

How wonderful! Yes, Lone Wolves may feel alone on their far flung journeys, but they are always part of the Pack no matter where they go. I will happily welcome them!

Georganna Hancock said...

Hi Betty,

Welcome to the pack! Thanks for linking to my blog, and the title is "A Writer's Edge". Long may you howl!


bnavta said...

Georganna ~

Thank you for the welcome!

So noted on the appropriate title. :o)

Michelle said...


Michelle said...

Something that might tempt your wolf tastebuds..