Wednesday, July 11, 2007

She Who Heals

July 14th brings a new moon phase. In the Seneca tradition this moon is associated with the Clan Mother She Who Heals and the lesson, How to Serve the Truth.

This has had me pondering a bit today. Yes, I know what a Healer is. And isn't it lovely! However, when I look at the meaning of the word to heal - to make whole or sound - and slide that up against serving the truth, it gives a different dimension to the role of Healer, doesn't it? It puts me right smack up against the 3 I's of Intent, Integrity and Impeccability, but something else is there. There's that bit about Wholeness.

Making something Whole?


The Truth is nothing is whole, in the sense it is commonly perceived - healed, fixed, back to the way it was, repaired, the same, pure and spotless of flaw. Everything is fluid and changing. As Remy in the current animated movie Ratatouille states, Nature is Change. Wise little Rat!

So, if that's the case what does a Healer do? How do we heal? What is Wholeness?

I've been asking myself that today because I've got some things I want to heal - yet another sinus infection resultant of a chronic condition I've had all my life, financial nasties that hang over my head resultant of a "sick" period of my life, relationships that have taken bumps and bruises over the course of many years, a job that is bleeding me rather than providing for me. All sorts of healing is needed.

And that's just the personal stuff. What about Healing the Earth? What about healing the world of violence, poverty, war, abuse, bigotry?

How do I do that? How can I be a Healer in face of the Truth?

To be honest, I don't know.

All I know that I can do is face the next moment with those three I's and accept the changes that result. The results may not meet my or anyone else's expectations, may not be what I want at all.

All I know is that something will change.

And perhaps that is all a Healer actually does.


Michelle said...

For some reason THe Prayer of ST Francis popped into my mind to be "an instrument" in the Creator's hands.

Nice one, B. :-)

Michelle said...

Some spiritual synchronicity for you..

I like "Haeland" :-)

bnavta said...

Oh, wow! Yes, so synchronistic it gave me goose bumps! *blink* *blink*

Thanks, Michelle! ;o)

Michelle said...

I have tagged you to write a blog post on the songs that have changed or impacted your life. *grin*

The rules are on my latest blog post.