Thursday, December 10, 2009

What is it....

about this time of year that can turn perfectly grounded and sane adult human beings into blithering idiots?

Now, I'm not talking the Christmas Syndrome where you feel compelled to shop for every sentient being who has smiled at you or the Perfect Parents' Psychotic Christmas Break where the pile of kids' presents is taller than the 13' foot tree you bought at full price because the youngest whined that the 6 ' one you bought last year after Christmas - 70% off! - was dorky looking.

No. Those are understandable. I've been there, done that. But what insanity drives two of the aforementioned adults to adopt a puppy in winter? When they have two other dogs and two cats already in the household?

The thermometer said -3 F this morning and I stood outside in pjs, robe and slippers, shivering, while I encouraged a four pound, 12 week old Fell Terrier named Archie to pee before our noses froze and fell off.

He didn't.

He waited until he got inside where it was warm.

I didn't blame him.

So, we will have a nice warm house this winter....that smells of puppy pee.



Anonymous said...

I've so been there.

Betty Lindholm Navta said...

Penny ~

Yet another shared peccadillo, I guess. :o)

Michelle said...

Oh Archie.... LOL

Yeah, been there too. My poodle had distinct opinions on pee as well. He saw it as an atomised room enhancer.

Janine said...

Hi, I like your blog! I can relate to the puppy/pee issue. I have three dogs of my own. I found you on She Writes, and wanted to visit.

Betty Lindholm Navta said...

Thanks, Janine! I'm happy to return the visit!