Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Self-Directed Search

Well. According to my results on the Self-Directed Search Interpretive Report ( my most suitable careers would be a Philologist (I had to look it up to make sure I knew what that was. I did. Phew! I first got it confused with a Philatelist!) and a Restorer of Paper and Print. Runners up were an Exhibit Artist, Copy Writer, Dance Therapist, Laserist (?), Painter, Reporter and a Restorer of Ceramics. Others came down the line like Dictionary Editor, Art Appraiser and Economist (Yikes! Not now!).

So, here I am - a Church Administrative Assistant. Who'd a thunk it?

A Philologist?? Really???


Michelle said...

You're going to make me look it up, aren't you? :-P


I'll be back. :-)

Michelle said...

Back, but none the wiser.

A linguistic sumthing...

Nope, I just don't see you philling that description. :-D

Michelle said...

We should run a post on what other people think our careers should be.

Let's see... for you I'd pick...

Cat psychologist


bnavta said...

Michelle ~
Actually it does kind of fit me. According to my Wiki-widget dictionary philology is the "branch of knowledge that deals with the structure, historical development, and relationship of a language or languages."

It's origin is from the French "philologie", via Latin from Greek "philologia" which means "love of learning."

I'm fascinated by symbolic language, its history and connections. We each have our own symbolic language derived from culture, experience, archetypal influence, and just plain who we are.

So if I were 20-something and looking for a career, I might just give philologist a go. Of course, when I was 20-something I'd never heard of such a thing and would have thought if anyone had suggested it to me that they were out of their minds! LOL

bnavta said...

ROFLOL - Cat Psychologist!

Now that IS an illusive career! I'd spend most of my time chasing them around the office trying to get them to sit on the couch! I'd have to wear a face mask and leather clothing, too. (Leather clothing - hmmm, now didn't Catwoman wear a leather suit? *wink*)

Let's see...
For you, I'd say Elephant Photojournalist. :o)

Michelle said...

ROFL at Elly photojournalist.

Actually, the way you explain it philology does suit you.