Friday, August 22, 2008

Excuses, Excuses...

Yeah, I haven't posted anything yet about my Canada trip. Weelll. It's been a hectic two weeks at work since I got back. The church where I work has called a new Pastor to serve it who will be coming on early October. I had to play catch up - it's amazing what can go on in one week! I had to read and review an Advanced Reader Copy of a new Harper Collins book. (That should follow this post, I hope.) Annnnd, the Old Goober and I decided one week in Canada wasn't enough, so we're going back! Wooohooo! We're leaving August 30th. Soooo, that means all the prep at work before I leave. *sigh*

So when I get back from that trip I'll have one big whopper of a post - pics and all! For a preview, though, you can see my current Canada pics HERE.

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