Friday, May 9, 2008

Building Condominiums

Today I was sifting through my files on my computer at work looking for something - I forgot what. Instead, I found things that I had written a few years ago. I figured one was okay to post here. It follows:

As I was standing outside for my break one day, two Cedar Waxwings started fussing at me and diving down within three feet of my head. I had no idea what their fuss was about. I followed their hyper-flight movements until I was dizzy. Then they stopped and flew away over the roof of the church. They couldn’t possibly have been building a nest on the church roof. It is deeply pitched. And the eaves weren't the kind that would be accessible for a nest. It was a mystery!

For some reason a memory suddenly warmed through me. It was a memory of reading the Seuss story of Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose to my son. I think it was that one. Anyhow, Critter was about 6 years old, I think. We came to the point in the story were poor Thidwick had all kinds of little critters making homes in his antlers. Thidwick let a Zinazu bird build a nest for his Woodpecker wife, then along came four squirrels, then a bobcat, then a turtle, etc. until his antlers had a raft of residents.

I was reading on thinking to myself about boundaries and not letting people take advantage of your goodwill, etc., but poor, beleagured Thidwick didn't know what to do. "What would you do?" I read aloud good Dr. S’s question to Critter.

Critter immediately came up with the answer, "Build Condominiums!"

He wasn't being funny. He had been pondering the circumstances while I was reading. I saw that little crease between his eyebrows forming even then. He came up with the most equitable and creative way to solve the problem he could think of. Condominiums - the critters would have nice homes and Thidwick could make some money. I stared at my son. What does a 6 year old know of condominiums anyway? But then, this was Critter!

Critter never seemed to give up on a problem or puzzle. He was, and still is, a problem solver. His job now at 31 is that very thing, solving problems so that company and client may have an equitable resolution. It's amazing to me. He always finds a way. He doesn't give up till he finds a solution and makes it work.

But my point here isn't bragging about my successful son! Proud as this Mama might be and loving to do it whenever she can! The point is that there IS always a solution if we have faith and stick with the work until we find it.

I didn't tell Critter then that the condos would be too heavy, or it would still be too noisy, or maybe Thidwick's friends wouldn't want to pay what he asked, etc. etc. OR that he'd missed entirely the point about boundaries and being taken advantage of! I just laughed with joy and told him what a wonderfully creative idea that was! Good for him!

Later in his life he would meet head on the criticism of others which would work at tearing apart that which he would wish to build. That would come soon enough, as it does for us all as we head into our teen years.

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Michelle said...

Critter sounds such a delight.