Saturday, December 8, 2007

Basket Case

Baskets! I love 'em! I'm not sure what draws me to them or what it says about me, but I have a thing for them.

Today is cleaning day. We just recently had our kitchen painted and are just now putting back the decorations we want back on the walls and above the cabinets. I had several of my baskets up there along with a birdhouse I'm particularly fond of. On our next Flea Market jaunt I believe I'll start looking for more birdhouses to go along with my baskets.

But I have a question for all you housecleaning wizards. (Which I am definitely NOT!) How do you clean your baskets? I'm always afraid of damaging the colors when I use sponge and water or any other liquid cleaner. Just wipe them with a cloth? What?


Michelle said...

tricky one! I can't say I know any basket cleaning hints. I have an old herbal/natural remedy book that gibes hints on cleaning, but although it does leather gloves, metal, carpets and porcelain it doesn't mention baskets. :-\ Have you tried looking online?

bnavta said...

I did find some hints here:
and they make sense. But it can take ages with some baskets to dust with a paintbrush! It works, but geeez.... If you have quite a few baskets....

And every time I use any sort of cloth, including cotton, fibers stick to the basket and sometimes distort the weave.

Oh, well.

Michelle said...

Yeah, I've had the fluff bits stuck problem too. I wonder how something like a fine spray of water followed by a hair drier on cool?

Depends on the basket, I suppose.

BTW - I've tagged you for a meaing of Christmas thing. Feel free to run screaming NOOOOOO! :-)

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