Friday, November 2, 2007

Wedding Tears

Well, the wedding is long over now. It was an extraordinary weekend. I don't remember ever seeing more people high on LUUUVVV. Or maybe that was just me.

My own emotions are very difficult for me to express. However, I do latch on to others' emotions and run them through me. I am empathic. It's taken me many years to finally sort out that I actually do have emotions of my own and identify them when they happen. But it still is not easy for me to express them. It feels so odd to own them - very naked. I am often described as aloof and distant.

However, I also have what people term as an "animated face." Italians have expressive hands, for me, it's my face. In my long ago days of youth I was an actress. My face was a real plus for acting. But, when it comes to my own emotions I have to curb my expressions.

Didn't work during the wedding.

One of the bride's maids who I remember meeting first when my son was a freshman at Valpo some 13 years ago told me that she could not look at me during the wedding. The bride's maids were lined up in the front and facing sideways towards my son and his bride in the center. I was on the side opposite this bride's maid, so she could see me very plainly sitting in the front row. She told me that if she glanced at me she just knew she'd totally lose it and burst into tears. My face, it seems, belied the exquisite joy and pride I was feeling as I watched my son and his lovely bride exchange their vows. I was trying very hard not to cry. I was bursting with unshed joyful tears. I hate crying. I do look horrid in it. No sweet tears slowly meandering down a cheek for me. Nope. My whole face screws up like a troll's, my nose and lips swell and...well, who wants to look like that when you're the groom's mother? But, obviously, my facial contortions in working against those tears were more than this bride's maid could handle herself!

When I get the photos from the wedding - and, oh, what a wonderful job the folks at Twice Shy Design did! - I will post a couple. Beautiful pictures and artfully done. A huge thumbs up and many accolades for their fine work.


Michelle said...

I can cry two gentle tears.. and my eyes blow up like a prize fighter. LOL

I look forward to the photos. :-)

bnavta said...

Isn't it awful? I look at those ladies who look so beautiful with tears gently caressing their lovely cheeks and wonder how they do that. It's impossible. Totally impossible.

Michelle said...

PS.. An old friend has recently FINALLY made his blog public (he's been writting to a chosen few for about 7 years before we nagged him into going public)

I think you'd like him. :-)